double twelve 12/9 -12/12: spend rmb 1500 get a gift, spend rmb 2500 get a gift
Christmas: 12/23 -12/25 extra 10% off on all items
New Year's Day 12/29 -1/1: extra 10% off on all items

Silly look a like designer PaulFrank creation cartoon big mouth monkey monkey mouth (PaulFrank). The name of this lovely mouth monkey called "Julius". Although the brand name Paul fank PaulFrank but this lovely mouth monkey too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people that love PaulFrank brand call "mouth monkey". Mouth monkey (PaulFrank) colorful, young, cute, stylish attracts countless fans. Mouth monkey (PaulFrank) charm of the embodied in the unique original design, vivid color and use durable and good texture of vinyl materials (vinyl). At the beginning of the mouth monkey "Julius" appears only in pajamas and wallet, now mouth monkey (PaulFrank) has become a popular brand of a global, mouth monkey "Julius" cartoon appeared in T - shirts, sportswear, underwear, swimwear, sleepwear, furniture, wrist watch, sunglasses, children's clothing, children's cartoon books and children bicycle products.

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