double twelve: extra 10% off on all items, Modmix (men): RMB 499, Mellow (women): RMB 599, Insider: 70% off, Logoduck: 40% off, spend rmb 2000 get an umbrella
Christmas: extra 10% off, Cozy: 30% off, Tankcase: 30% off, Grip: RMB 399, Blade: RMB 699, spend RMB 2000 get a purse
New Year's Day: buy 1 get extra 10% off, buy 2 get extra 20% off, 50% off on new arrivals, Logoduck: 50% off, Fregment RMB 699, Utility: RMB 499, spend RMB 2000 get an eco bag

Mandarina Duck is an Italian fashion brand specialising in leather goods and travel items. The bright and beautiful Mandarina Duck is a tireless traveller and a faithful partner for the whole of its life. This is what makes it the perfect icon for a brand driven by an irresistible desire to explore the many dimensions of style, design and colour, without ever losing sight of its own distinctive character.

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